Wing Lung & Co. Wing Hing Lung Co. Wing Noodles Ltd.
Wing Lung & Co.


Mr. Hee Chong Lee, an immigrant from China, started the company in 1897 as an import/export business of Chinese goods, under the banner of Wing Lung.

In 1946, the company became Wing Hing Lung, producing fresh Chinese noodles, egg roll covers and won ton covers. His two eldest sons, Arthur and Samuel, joined him in the family business.

Production of our famous Yet-Ca-Mein dry noodle started in the 1950's.

In the mid-1960's, the product line was expanded to include rice noodles, fortune cookies, almond cookies, sauces and Portion Paks.

Wing's was the first manufacturer of oriental food products to introduce bilingual messages in their fortune cookies, and to be certified kosher for their entire product line.

Today, under the name Wing Noodles Ltd., three of Mr. Lee's grandsons continue to operate the company, celebrating over 100 years in business.